my 2nd day at Emergent

today is a day of two stories. allow me to invite you into both.

story one: flooding in the basement. marie calls me like 10 times this morning, but my phone was turned on silent because of all my meetings and conversations the night before. there is also a leak in the bedroom. of course i feel horrible because marie has absolutely no help to clean up this mess. i'm usually the one who would deal with that kind of stuff. so part of my mind was wondering to how she was doing and dealing with my own feelings of guilt of enjoying myself and not being home when she needed me.

story two: emergent convention is rockin my world. met some new people over lunch and reingaged with more people throughout the day. basically took my chances to learn from the british. the british invasion is not only in alternative music, but also in new emerging christianity conversations. so i took church planting in youth culture with dj, andy hunter. he was seriously suffering from jet lag, thus his seminar wasn't all that enlightening or engaging. it was good to hear his story though. then came one of the highlights of the day for me. jonny baker. he is the one who designed The Prayer Path that we engage in every few months or so. he also helped design an online version of it. his session was only the first installment and it was awesome. he is really able to articulate things well. his seminars are on alternative forms of worship and it was absolutely incredible. had a decent conversation with some people in doug pagitt's cohort, except that people just ended up complaining about the united methodist church. somehow our cohort is filled with united methodists. hopefully tomorrow night we'll delve more into theology. and then i was in a really great conversation with mark scandrette about life and time management. great day. tonight will be full of rest.

thou shall not covet thy neighbors powerbook

it is late, nearly 12:30am in nashville, tn. emergent convention. i'm typing on my dell inspiron. i've been surrounded by friends who've been using their iBooks and Powerbooks. the shopping mall, i mean resource center, is packed full of iMacs previewing video software. i'm still stuck in the 90's with my PC. i know i shouldn't complain because it was free.

other than that, the first day was awesome. tim keel and doug pagitt on church planting in the emergent context. great conversation. really fits in well to my questions on leadership in the emerging church. also we touched on developing new theology for our new world. getting to touch base with tim again is good. also got to see tony again, hopefully we'll get to reconnect on a meaningful level this week. although getting his sweat all over me was quite meaningful...or something. i had probably better get some rest, so i can be engaged later.


what is theotensionology?

my perspective, at least today, is that a life of following jesus is a life lived in tension. some call it paradox. but i am finding this to be more than just a cliche' though. emerging followers tend to focus on paradox and tension to what end, i'm not sure. the reason, i'm not quite sure either. my reason is why i created this word, theotensionology, that is sure to never be used in a sentence or rational thought outside of my blog or brain for that matter. "theo" meaning God. "tension" meaning an invitation into multiple realities. "ology" meaning living. so God invites me into a life of tension. i life with no easy answers. i life of study and learning. i life of dialogue and conversation with other tensioneers. to put "ology" at the end of something, usually means "study of." that is how i would define living. living is learning. and we are learning to live. this is brief glance into my world that is growing and expanding daily. this post is not meant to be complete in and of itself. it is meant to be springboard of more growth and understanding into the world i inhabit and the God i serve.