thou shall not covet thy neighbors powerbook

it is late, nearly 12:30am in nashville, tn. emergent convention. i'm typing on my dell inspiron. i've been surrounded by friends who've been using their iBooks and Powerbooks. the shopping mall, i mean resource center, is packed full of iMacs previewing video software. i'm still stuck in the 90's with my PC. i know i shouldn't complain because it was free.

other than that, the first day was awesome. tim keel and doug pagitt on church planting in the emergent context. great conversation. really fits in well to my questions on leadership in the emerging church. also we touched on developing new theology for our new world. getting to touch base with tim again is good. also got to see tony again, hopefully we'll get to reconnect on a meaningful level this week. although getting his sweat all over me was quite meaningful...or something. i had probably better get some rest, so i can be engaged later.


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