what is theotensionology?

my perspective, at least today, is that a life of following jesus is a life lived in tension. some call it paradox. but i am finding this to be more than just a cliche' though. emerging followers tend to focus on paradox and tension to what end, i'm not sure. the reason, i'm not quite sure either. my reason is why i created this word, theotensionology, that is sure to never be used in a sentence or rational thought outside of my blog or brain for that matter. "theo" meaning God. "tension" meaning an invitation into multiple realities. "ology" meaning living. so God invites me into a life of tension. i life with no easy answers. i life of study and learning. i life of dialogue and conversation with other tensioneers. to put "ology" at the end of something, usually means "study of." that is how i would define living. living is learning. and we are learning to live. this is brief glance into my world that is growing and expanding daily. this post is not meant to be complete in and of itself. it is meant to be springboard of more growth and understanding into the world i inhabit and the God i serve.


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