so this weekend, i get to "preach" in two of our church services. this will be the first time doing so in this church. it is also the first time since i gave up on preaching in its modern form. my view of preaching has changed in large part due to people like doug pagitt, tim keel, tony jones, mark driscoll, and chris seay. quite honestly i am feeling very uncomfortable with my role this weekend. i feel as if i have to deconstruct the whole "preaching" thing in front of the congregration before i even get started. that in and of itself will take a good ten minutes. i'm also struggling with whether or not i should be myself and invite them into a new experience (culture if you will) or if i should be "all things to all people" just slip back into modern-man mode because quite frankly, that is our congregation. except for the teenagers and people in their 20's and 30's. i suppose i'll show up sunday morning prepared to do either and see what happens. it really sucks though. i'm beginning to hate "preaching" already. i just hate the way it sounds and looks on my screen. i ramble.


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