entering into tension with teenagers

one of the things that i am struggling with right now is how to use a midrashic way of entering into God's story with teenagers, especially with younger teenagers. something inside of me says that teens need some answers that they need to deconstruct later in life, but sometimes they need to just (i hate that word) have something simple to hold on to. but my head and my heart also tell me that there are no simple answers and to give those to teenagers is crippling them for the future. i really don't want the teenagers in our ministry to have to go through rehab later and re:learn how to walk. i'm not sure the metaphor really works, but that's the best i can explain it at this point. so is there a tension that we can enter with teens that is actually healing as well as confusing? that's the big question i'm dealing with now. maybe it is just an issue with me trying to learn a new rhythm of life and teaching and everything i was taught just trying to react against this new rhythm.


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