numbers in the pentateuch

as i am sitting in class today, i find myself listening to my professor talking about how the numbers almost never match up with historical records. this makes me wonder why i am so comforted by the historical accuracy of the scriptures. it also makes me wonder about people who come up with future dates based on numbers we see in the scriptures. the reality is that the number has a more spiritual meaning to it than a concrete system. in fact when an author mentions a number it is meant to by symbolic in order for the people to remember their story. often the numbers are close, but sometimes not so much. so what do we do with this, especially when people are very hardcore about the historicity of the scriptures? obviously i don't have a problem with 840 years not actually being 840 years, but what do we do with people are adamant that it really is 840 years? nothing? convince them of something? is it even that important? and does a literal, fundamentalist reading of the scriptures actually allow for heretical or near-heretical findings in the scriptures like the Bible Code or things like that? a lot of questions this brought up in my mind today. i hope to be blogging more now that my life has developed a nice rhythm.



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