the christian interpretation of 1st century Judaism

this morning dr. warrent carter at saint paul school of theology was talking about how hateful the christian tradition has been to Judaism as a whole, and especially 1st century Jewish tradition. he went as far as to say as christians, we've been anti-semitic. he spent about 40 minutes deconstructing the myth that the Jews were trying to earn their way to God, were hypocritical, they had dead, empty rituals/traditions, they were legalistic, and that the Jews were expecting a warrior/military messiah. he spoke very convincingly that those myths are simply not true.

it made me wonder, how convenient that we would do that. it seems funny that modern christians would continue that tradition by highlighting a few words: legalistic, hypocritical, dead ritual, and war. could it be that we are simply projecting our own downfalls or struggles on another people to make us look better? or at least feel better about how screwed up we are?


At October 27, 2004 at 12:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is another layer...

legalistic, dead ritual, law not gospel = Catholic


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