high school kids are amazing. this past sunday at youth group, we sat down and brainstormed some ideas of what we wanted to do event-wise over the next few months. this is a new thing for us to do. in the past we've followed traditional models of student leadership. now we are assuming that all of our students can plan and lead, so we spend one of our youth group nights every 4 or 5 weeks brainstorming and planning. sure it is a lot more messy and maybe the program won't be as slick as it might be if only a select few are the ones in charge, but it is certainly more creative and more fun, plus maybe it means a lot more and is more faithful to the gospel? so what they came up with is churchapalooza '04. starting thursday night with a switchfoot concert in westport, continuing with a film discussion on saved! and some other films, staying all night at the church and making breakfast in the morning, heading to a service project together that is an hour away, and coming back sunday night for worship and conversation. one of the students has already made a flash flyer that you can check out here. t-shirts are being made and i'm freakin out because i don't have the time to do this! but it will work out, i'm confident.


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