finally back up

i'm finally back up after two days of being with no web access. it actually was a good thing for me, because i was able to focus on getting a couple of things done. very mundane administrative things, but they needed to be done, nonetheless.
today was my final day of Hebrew Bible and tomorrow we start the Christian Scriptures. it has been very helpful for me to think our Bible in those terms. i always have struggled with using the terms "Old" and "New" in front of the Testaments. just by the very titles we have in our modern bibles suggests that one is more valid than the other. of course that idea comes from living in a culture that values the new because for some reason new means better. describing the bible as hebrew and christian scriptures does a couple things for me. one it reminds of the origin and context of what is that i am holding in my hands. it also elevates the text to something that is sacred and meaningful that the word 'bible' no longer does for me. i am finding a richness in the way i read, speak, and think of the scriptures now, just by changing the titles.


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