m.div. vs. m.a. v.2

part of the struggle for me is that i don't really know what i am "called" to do. the people at my school keep telling me that it is the best place to 'discern my calling.' i know they are well intentioned, but that is an expensive way to discern my call, plus that is what i spent four years at a christian college in the ministry department trying to do and am in debt up to my ears because of it.

am i called to do what my senior pastor is doing right now? no. am i called to be a "lifer" in youth ministry? no. those things, i am sure of. i've discerned those, if you will. however there are a significant number of people within my circle that consider me to be a primary source of guidance in their search of being a christian. i know that can sound very arrogant, but i'm truely not trying to be. i've got so much to learn and so many shortcomings that i feel so inadequate to do what i am doing now. or to do what might be needed of me in the future.

thanks to those of you who've taken time to help me out, your comments really are stretching and challenging me to think and see things from different angles. i feel very selfish, but if you've got anything else to say don't hesitate.


At November 1, 2004 at 12:39 AM, Blogger Chris Enstad said...

I'm going to keep pounding on this... I don't have stake in it, trust me, but I want to react to your comments.

Look, one does not go to seminary to be a "senior pastor" you go to seminary to be trained for ministry. Some are called to be teachers, some pastors, some senior pastors... hear any Pauline stuff in there?

The old way of doing things is that you start as a youth guy, move on to perhaps another staff position, then you do a solo pastor gig, then you get called to be a senior pastor first at a church of about 1000 then bigger and bigger. Look, so what, once you're through seminary you are going to be called wherever the need is greatest. If you try to form a career path both you and God are going to be doing a whole lot of laughing.

I guess my main concern for any seminarian is the financial cost. However, once again, in the big picture and over the long term what is the worth of what you will learn?

On the other hand, the issue I have with the loans students undertake to go to seminary make them "company men/women" and thus you are less likely to upset the status quo... but that's up to you and your call.

At November 1, 2004 at 2:01 PM, Blogger Matt Mc said...

Discerning a calling...holy crap. Yeah, I've been dealing with this a little (a lot) myself, so I'm certainly not in any position to offer advice, but I do know this: sometimes the things we're called to do are not the grand things that we have in mind. Playing in a traveling "praise and worhip" band for the last five years has taught me that sometimes we serve the greates purposes doing the smallest things, and I guess that there is always the possibility that our calling can change so that we will serve many different purposes in our lives. Anyway, try not to let it get you down as it has me before. We just have to trust that it will somehow be revealed to us, I suppose.


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