the tension of emergent v.1

what is emergent? is it a movement? is it a conversation? is it a reaction against something? is it going somewhere? just what the hell is it? nobody knows, but it seems like a lot of people want to know. personally, i'm tired of defending it and talking about it. and i just got into it (whatever it is). personally, i don't care what it is either. andy crouch was the unfortunate sucker to write an article in christianity today and it is all a buzz in blogsphere and in coffee houses around the country. in a lot of ways andy did ok with the article. those that might be on the fringes, it could serve as a great way to get them into the conversation. he created a lot of tension. but he also misrepresented emergent too, but making some cutting remarks some to be funny and others to be critical. right now it cannot be defined and i like it like that, i just wish friends and family and colleagues would quit asking me to define it for them.


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