the tension of ordination

there are things i really love about the united methodist church. theologically i am comfortable alligning myself them, for the most part. there are times when i love how they deal with social issues like war, homosexuality, abortion, etc and there are other times when i hate the way they deal with them. as of right now i would define myself as a post-denominationalist, but practically speaking, that is a bit impossible in the united states. it is also quite untrue because i am a member of the united methodist church, am working at a u.m. church, and am attending a u.m. seminary receiving u.m. money. the question i deal with everyday is whether or not i can faithfully begin the ordination process for this denomination with all of my problems that i have with it. i suppose i'll have serious issues with any denomination, so is it possible to be ordained without pledging allegiance to a denomination? i just don't know if i want to go through all of this shit. and from what i've heard by other "candidates" for ordination, that is exactly the word to describe it.


At October 29, 2004 at 12:56 PM, Blogger Chris Enstad said...

church life is always going to be full of shit you'd rather not deal with. How you deal with candidacy is a great indicator of how you'll be as a future church leader. also, one cannot change a system from without... perhaps you'll remember your experiences in the ordination process of the UMC and, as you grow in years, stature and responsibilities, perhaps you will find yourself one day at a place where you can effect change.

Think about that!


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