this weekend had its ups and downs. friday night marie and i did our grocery shopping and crap because saturday had a full plate, which i'll get to later. it was good to get everything done, kind of. we got a new door knob for our bathroom and the one we picked up was missing 4 screws and the latching mechanism was broke. i spent a couple hours trying to fix it, but no luck. then we realized that we had left our candle at walmart. apparentely the check out lady thought we didn't really need it (maybe we just left it, but its easier to blame the walmart lady). so guess who goes back to walmart at 11pm to get the candle. well marie was already in bed by then. that was friday.

saturday morning i got up early and headed to home depot to return our items that didn't work and got a new door knob and then i headed to the church to go to our service project. only 6 show up, 3 adults and 3 students. and three of them were from the same family. a little disappointing, but we went and worked and it was good. got back in time to catch the ohio state football game. it was aweful. the bucks played so bad. the refs didn't help, but we should've overcome their mistakes. we caused two fumbles that the officials blew the whistle on, so we never got the ball. even if we had, we couldn't have scored a touchdown anyway, so it doesn't matter. i won't be like a chiefs fan and say the refs lost the game for us. hope that didn't sting too bad. then in the evening steak and shake was in order and then to westport for tea drops. great place to chill out and have some good tea.

sunday. church and youth group, and a concert in the middle. we raised nearly $2,000 in all for sierra, which is what the concert was for. good job church. youth group seemed to go all right. numbers were back down again, not really sure why. oh well. middle schoolers are crazy. was way too tired to write my paper that i just turned in, so i wrote it this morning, starting at 4am. what a great weekend.


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