last night was interesting

even though i didn't vote for a major party candidate, last night was interesting. my local favorite radio station 96.5 The Buzz, was broadcasting live hoping to have a Kerry party. it was funny listening to them bitch and moan about how things went, especially in Missouri. although, i didn't really care much who won (because i don't feel either are good options) i was excited and tense about the whole process. it brought me up out of a bit of depression that i was feeling after yesterday. i am so overwhelmed with stuff to do and caused me to hit a wall yesterday. then as marie and i were getting ready to hit the hay (or should i say feathers?) someone showed up at our door needing a ride home. her home was a good 20 min. drive into kansas city. she said some guys wanted to have sex with her and she wouldn't so they kicked her out and wouldn't take her back home. she didn't really want us to take her home, but we did and she seemed appreciative. i wonder in the back of my mind, if her story was true or if it was a sad story to get people to help her. either way, i felt like we did the right thing, even though that means a heavier eyes today. well, i've got a paper due in the morning that i need to start on!


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