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according to dr. warren carter, paul's understanding of salvation is that it is a future event. so he uses phrases like "into salvation" (Rom. 1.16) or "will be saved" (Rom 5.9). some questions this all raises for me. is jesus necessary for salvation? how can the hebrew bible speak of salvation and we christians just ignore that? what about paul saying "were saved" (Rom. 8.24)? sounds like it is a past event. what exactly is salvation? i'm positive it has nothing to do with my soul going to heaven. i'm fairly comfortable with how we are saved, but not so much with what exactly it is.


At November 13, 2004 at 12:21 AM, Blogger Chris Enstad said...

eschatology can keep you occupied for a lifetime and more.

the resurrection of Jesus Christ is the firstfruits of God's future present today, always rushing towards us as we plod toward it. How else could God die on the cross and yet rise three days later? If Jesus was fully human AND fully divine then his divinity and his humanity both died that day... God cast His lot with us and the promise of the resurrection was fulfilled... a future we all put our trust in.


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