thanks to my family members not knowing how to use their computers, i've been unable to stay connected over the holidays. i'm now at my sister's house where they have DSL and i can finally get online. i've virtually missed a great conversation on tony's blog about the Trinity because of it. but it's the holidays, i'm on vacation, and its going to take a lot to get me down. its been a great time with my family both my side and marie's. its been fun. i'll be ready to get back to KC though, i miss you all out there. to those that requested snow, i've got bad news. all the good snow has pretty much melted and all that is left is the dirty snow that is a result of the car exhaust and dirt and pooh. i'm not bringing that stuff back. sorry.

cassono's pizza is on the way and Any Given Sunday is on. not a great movie, but i love Al Pacino. peace.


At January 5, 2005 at 11:12 PM, Blogger Mark Calhoun said...

No kidding dis-connected. It looks like you did bring stuff back, I am 100 yards from class and they cancelled it. TH Underground 1 and two at our house. Trump that!! Paper done... 63 pages, 1 all nighter. Are you coming over for lunch???


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