I am very thankful at this point that my semester is over. I learned that I cannot do full-time work/ministry and go to seminary full-time. I don't know if it is my lack of organization, or brain power, or what it was, but it was a struggle. I got an A and a B so it wasn't all that bad, but I did mediocre work, which I don't like doing. I really wasn't all that into it either, which didn't help much. Most of the people there annoyed me to no end and the overall atmosphere was pretty old school. There isn't much room for conversation about things related to emergent, postmodernity, sports, technology, or life in general. It's all about meetings with bishops and district superindents, having charge conferences, being appointed somewhere. It was all rather annoying to me. There are a couple people though that were a breath of fresh air like Mark, Chang, Sarah, Adam, Joel, and Laura.

hmmm...other news since my last post which was forever ago. i got my "other" ear pierced a week ago. now i have both lobes pierced and will probably move onto tattoos next. my wife and exchanged christmas presents already! yeah we're both little kids. she got perfume, workout pants, slipper socks, and an assortment of white chocolate hot drink mixes. i got an ohio state sweatshirt, a button-down shirt which rocks, a beard trimmer (yes i have a short stubble, movie star thing goin now), and flannel pants. my buddy josh also got me Tony Hawk's Underground for my game system. that game kicks ass. we leave thursday for michigan, apparently there's a lot of snow there. then we head to ohio after a few days in michigan and then back home. a nice 10 day, holiday/vacation with our families. should be interesting.

waiting to get Generous Orthodoxy and Practicing Passion in the mail before we leave for some good reading while i'm away. peace.


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